Ed Misquez

My interest in dream interpretation evolved from an interest in analytical psychology, which just sort of fell into my lap from readings in other areas. I am intrigued by the notion that there exists a continuum between subjective and objective reality - and that the quest to discover that connection is a spiritual one. Sharing ideas about dreams helps me to form a clearer picture of how objective and subjective reality are connected. The apparent split between them is really artificial, I think, and by discovering the intimate relationship between them, I can be a better, more helpful person.

Anyway, I simply have a keen interest in learning more about dreams and their symbols, and I think I have a fairly good understanding of how they come to mean what they mean. But interpretation is one thing, a discussion about that interpretation is another. In the first, there is no growth, in the later, spiritual evolution. I want to grow spiritually. Being able to participate in the exchange is a powerful way of accomplishing my goal.

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