Earl Koteen

I trace my interest in dreams to my childhood. On weekend mornings, my father and I would share dreams and try to figure out their meaning.

A minister interested me in Jungian psychology. It fascinated me because it combined my childhood love of mythology w/ my background in psychology.

In 1988, I started reading about dreams and attend an institute led by Jeremy Taylor, co-founder of the Association for the Study of Dreams and author of "Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill." I took off from there, reading about many books, attending workshops, and leading a worship service on dreams. I also led a dreamwork group, using Jungian and gestalt techniques. In the Washington, DC, area, I give workshops and private consultations on dream interpretation.

Since getting on the net, I've been interpreting dreams in alt.dreams, Electric Dreams, and DreamLynx. As a DreamLynx Dream Team Member, I supervise interns learning dream work from universities around the country. I use the net name "Narcissus" to remind me of my very human tendency to project my thoughts, feelings, and experiences into others' dreams as Narcissus projected his unconscious self-love on his reflection in the water.

My dreamwork focuses on the psychological and spiritual: how we touch one another -and the divine - in our dreams and our dreamwork.

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